Rabu, 07 September 2011

Contoh Penipuan itu....

Siapa yang akan percaya pada isi email seperti ini :

Sir and Madam like i told you early in regard of one little boy who arrive from Libyan in regard of his parent have kill during the crisis in their country and he told me that his late parent deposited two consignment boxes in security company here in Ghana and contain $5 million usd dollar and when i visited the security company they told me ...that i have to obtain change of ownership certificate from the High court of justice. PLease try and call me with my telephone number +233 ....... for more information so that after i claim the boxes from the security company i will transfer all the money to your account so that me and the little will come over to your country for new life.
Percayakah anda bila menerima email begini?

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