Minggu, 17 April 2011


            There are many ways for people to deceive others, either directly or through communications media, such as mobile phones, social networks etc. various modes they use, to deceive others, like, send a message to the mobile potential victims, potential victims informed that the husband suffered a very severe accident, and needs to be given a major surgery. potential victims are usually given the doctor's phone number or police station, which of course all of it false, then when the victim ingested trap it, and call number to which they give, (which already can be ascertained that the number of gang cheater) the victim was given an explanation about the condition of her husband, a very severe, usually the victim who was trapped, because he wanted to save her husband, it will obey what was said by a man posing as doctors or police, and usually the victims are led to send money to these fraudsters account numbers, as the cost of her husband's operation. So of course the victim will lose money in vain.    
            Other modes, is against the advertiser in the newspaper, suppose that we would sell the house, and certainly in the ad will list our phone number, then the fraudsters will deceive us, by phoning or sending a message that the house that we're advertising, there are already interested, and applicants are usually given a number, (which again is the phone number of the conspirators fraudsters) are usually the victims are trapped, because it is very happy to be there who bought his house that advertised, will immediately contact number, and they pretend to be to transfer some money as a deposit. then the victim will be directed towards the nearest ATM, and there they were with using hypnosis, will lead the victim to write down her PIN owned. so what happens is, instead of accepting the transfer of money to their account, but what happens is, he himself is not aware of sending money to the fraudsters account.   
         Another mode is by pretending that he had inherited some money, and wanted to share it to the poor or the orphanage, but he did ask us to find him, then, fraudsters pretending to be transferring money to our account, and that happened again and again he leads us to transfer some money to their account, of course it was through hypnosis.
        Indeed, in the situation and the difficult financial situation such as this, coupled with the lack of faith in theirselves, and the ease with which it has, it will encourage people to commit fraud against others. So we need to beware.
Hopefully this article useful.

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