Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

The door of " Repentance"

As humans, we are not immune from mistakes, realized or not. For those who believe, when we realize have done something wrong, then we are obliged to repent, before death came to pick us up. because if we do not repent and death have first pick us up, then that error can lead to eternal sin which will end up in hell.
Indeed, to improve ourselves we may be touched with the feelings, good feelings of self and feelings of others involved in our problem. perhaps our desire to repent it will really hurt other people, and maybe even hurting ourselves. But the law of God has been so, and we should be submissive and obedient to the law.
We never know when death will come, and under what circumstances we will die. whereas, as well as possible at the time of death is death "chosnool khoteemah", Death when we are at the top of our faith. then if we continue in sin, whether we would include "chosnool khoteemah"?
God remains open door "repentance" for the sun still rises from the east, and the dying has not arrived at our throat.
"Friend" let's repent before death came to us. so we will not be a regret, at the end of the day later, the day when there is no more charitable, because there is only "heesaab" day of reckoning good and evil deeds we do in the world who are very "fanaa" is. world that is very temporary, while immortality is there, someday.

After what I tell it, do we still would feel angry and hurt?

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